OURTOWN is a B2C e-commerce fashion retail company. We are a brand that serves the fashion needs of a diverse range of customers across the globe, with an operational base in Nigeria. The Brand was established in July 2020 and runs with the guiding principle that reflects fashion as a tool of identification and communication that allows everyone to express themselves in their own most authentic way. We believe authenticity through fashion can lead you to find your people without losing your individuality.

We pride ourselves in providing you with genuine, high-quality fashion goods, excellent customer support, and top-notch delivery service.

All Aboard

We have built a brand that is all-inclusive, transcending backgrounds and cultures. We’ve got the back of the fashion-forward, as well as those who love to flow with the stereotype. It is, for this reason, that we consistently stock our store with a vast array of products from revered brands that value a strong sense of communal lifestyle.


You have a place in our heart, and we can’t wait to see you turn out in style. We have provided a friendly and transparent platform – through our customer support – to enable you to communicate your concerns. Plus, our website is built and integrated with features that promote usability and functionality giving you a stress-free shopping  experience.


A fashion/style that is authentic speaks for itself, and this imparts an undeniable degree of confidence. Being proud of the style you don, with a spark of creativity, is the whole essence of our existence.  


Our Mission is to connect our customers with premium-quality fashion goods and value-added services as we strive to positively reinforce inclusivity and embolden authentic fashion identity. 


Our Vision is to build a sustainable e-commerce business that would not only satisfactorily cater to the fashion needs of a global audience, but also showcase the validity of subculture and identity. 


Our collection is filled with the choicest stylish and comfy fashion products ranging from t-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits, hoodies, jackets, sweatpants, footwears, and other fashion accessories.

We are committed to choosing the best collections from independent brands, collections that range from wardrobe staples to desired inessential pieces thoughtfully curated by our in-house buying team. Navigate our store to have a first-hand feel of the colorful options available and give yourself a fashionable treat today – you’re just a click  away.


Online Shop

We have built a user-friendly website with features to advance seamless operation and purchase of products. You can easily navigate our store to discover the wide range of colorful and stylish products we’ve got for you. 

Getting your order to you unhindered

The goal always is a satisfying and  seamless shopping experience for you. We have a product delivery model in place that will enable you to receive your order within the estimated time of delivery depending on the location of delivery destination after an order has been placed - as seamlessly as possible. We have currently partnered with credible logistics companies to promote speedy product delivery and we are always continually looking for more efficient ways to fulfill your orders.  Always a top priority to us.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the soul of our business, and it is for this reason we are committed to giving you nothing short of the best online shopping service which includes availability and access to our welcoming customer care team members. So, whether you’re out to make an inquiry via our multiple channels (Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook or email), place an order, or have any other issue requiring our attention and/or assistance, our dedicated customer service team  will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that you are well served and happy.


Quality Assurance

We are intentional about attaining customer loyalty, and the first step towards this is to ensure that our stock is filled with fashion goods from top brands like Asos, Adidas, Collusion, New Balance Nike, Pretty Little Thing, and a couple of others, sourced directly from the brands. Our commitment to quality is a factor that sets us apart in the industry – we have zero tolerance for knockoffs.